Hops + Nuts

While at a brewery in Charlottesville, VA, I stumbled upon a display at the counter for a delectable treat. Having never heard of it before, I simply had to purchase the two flavors of Hops + Nuts offered. As it turns out, the good folks at┬áHops + Nuts in Greensboro, NC, have a full line…

Beer-Flavored Kettle Chip Showdown!

Beer culture is everywhere. I am more than happy to enjoy the bounty of the current wave of popularity, and that’s no more evident than in not one, but two varieties of beer-flavored kettle-cooked potato chips. Clearly, this calls for a chip off!

Hop Theory: a B&O Collaboration

In May 2015, Hop Theory successfully completed a funding campaign on Kickstarter, officially creating a fascinating accessory for the beer world. Beer infusion – different blends of ingredients held within fine mesh sachets, to be placed directly into the glass, much like a beer tea bag – truly does live in a category of its…

ReGrained: Eat Beer

After a successful $30,000 crowdfunding campaign, San Francisco startup, ReGrained, was recently able to realize a vision of transforming spent grain from a brewery waste product to the main ingredient for a pair of hearty granola bars.