3 for 3: Triple Leaders and Tripel Hops

bh3a.jpgOn a recent trip to my area Total Wine, I happened upon a group of Belgian beers from fairly prominent breweries called “Triple Hop.” What a perfect opportunity to marry with a baseball element (yes, yes, there are Triple IPAs, but they’re really just Imperials).

So, in this three part series, we take a look at the three career triples leaders for the Mets, and enjoy a Triple Hop. Today, we’re starting with #3 on the list, shortstop, Bud Harrelson.

Bud Harrelson is perhaps best remembered for plays at second base (fighting Pete Rose during the ’73 NLCS) and home (being called out despite clearly avoiding the tag in the 10th inning of the ’73 World Series), he owns the third best Mets career mark for triples, coming in with 45 three-baggers.

Though no one triple stands out that you can really hang your hat on, if you dig into his career, it becomes pretty clear that Harrelson’s personal highlights are littered with triples.


Harrelson pulling into 3rd during a 1967 game against the Phillies

His first career RBI came on a triple on August 28, 1966. His triples on June 22, June 24, and August 17 all directly led to wins during the Mets’ 1969 championship year.

Harrelson’s triple in Game One of the 1969 NLCS against Phil Neikro and the Braves would score two and give the Mets a lead they would not relinquish.

He would play a larger part in an iconic Mets game in 1970 than most remember. On April 22, 1970, Tom Seaver pitched a complete game 2-1 gem against the Padres, recording an amazing 19 strikeouts. But Seaver may not have come away with the win had it not been for Harrelson. After already coming around to score on Ken Boswell’s first inning double, Harrelson broke a third inning tie with a triple that would complete the day’s scoring at 2-1. He ended up with two of the four total Mets hits on the day.

Harrelson would hit his last triple for the Mets on June 5, 1977 before getting traded to the Phillies in the spring on 1978 for Fred Andrews. During his tenure, Harrelson certainly cemented his place in Flushing lore as one of the greatest Mets shortstops of all time.

Duvel Tripel Hop (2015)

For nearly ten years, Duvel has been producing their Tripel Hop series. Every year’s batch is exactly the same with the exception of the third hop utilized. For 2015’s edition, in addition to the standard Saaz and Styrian Golding hops, Duvel chose Equinox.

Tripel Hop pours a clear vibrant yellow hue, with alcohol and plenty of Belgian yeast in the nose.

Up front in the taste is fresh green pepper, citrus, and a bit of lemon zest. The Equinox hops definitely account for these main flavors. Warm alcohol kicks in on the tongue.

The mouthfeel is dry, with plenty of bubbly carbonation playing well with the bright taste characteristics. The yeast is not overbearing, and shows in appropriate measure to the other elements of the brew. With the dry body comes a clean finish; a satisfyingly tidy end tdtho the glass.

Scouting Report (20-80 scale)

See: 70

Smell: 60

Taste: 65

Feel: 65

Overall: 65

Duvel Tripel Hop is a nice respite from the sweeter flagship version of Duvel, and is dependably well balanced like you would expect from the rest of their stable of offerings.


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