Series Preview: Atlanta Braves III



This sucks: The obvious major headline is the news that David Wright has undergone neck surgery and will likely be out for the remainder of the 2016 season. The Mets stand to recoup roughly $5 million on insurance, which fans can only hope gets utilized towards reinforcements.

Will the real offense please stand up: After a three game slide that featured a totally dormant offense, the Mets’ bats awoke to take the series win over Pittsburgh, with outputs of 11 and 6 runs. It’s getting hard to tell what’s closer to reasonable expectations.

How to start it off: Curtis Granderson hit his 6th home run to lead off a game this season on Thursday, the 17th of his Mets career. He established a new club record in the process, surpassing Jose Reyes’ 16 lead off home runs.

alesharKnow Your Foe

For this Series Preview, we are joined by Atlanta’s favorite beer personality, the legendary Ale Sharpton. His blog is filled with great beer reviews, news and events for the Atlanta area. Also have to mention his Instagram which is filled with excellent (often mouthwatering) photos.

Aside from a couple big ones (Terrapin and Sweetwater), there are a lot of Atlanta-area breweries that are hidden gems. Which ones are your favorites?

Atlanta’s beer scene is blowing the hell up and I am happy to be able to cover as much beer as possible. With that being said, certain breweries are carving out a niche, and I strongly suggest visiting the Belgian-inspired Three Taverns, and the sour-happy Orpheus for starters. They both are doing a lot more with IPAs as well. Don’t sleep on Wild Heaven either, and if I can add a brew pub, Wrecking Bar is the shit. There are a lot outside the perimeter, and if you happen to go to Athens, get your ass to Creature Comforts, trust me!

Music is almost as big an influence on your blog as beer is. Do you adjust your drink of choice for the style of music you’re enjoying?

Not really. I am a hip-hop head at heart, but that has no influence on the beer I sip on. It is consistently good shit and usually an incredibly juicy, fresh IPA, unless I have to review something from a brewery that’s a different style. Music just enhances the sippin’ experience.

Dare I say, I’m not sure anyone does a better job of making beer culture stylish. How much of that is just straight up Ale Sharpton, and how much of that is a byproduct of life in the ATL?

Ale Sharpton is my Superman alter-ego when an event is popping off, I am hosting something like a beer dinner, writing a piece, or simply chilling with a brew in hand. I have always been into clothing, music, sports, and being an overall people person my whole life. I love style and being a down-to-earth cat who loves a good time is what I live for. Atlanta being an awesome city that continues to burgeon certainly helps as well. I love this place.

The Braves. At a whopping 20-46 (9-27 at home!), they are certainly aiming for that #1 draft pick. With an ugly product on the field, and low attendance, what non-baseball Atlanta activities or events do you suggest for Braves fans looking to take the Summer off from their beleaguered team?

A couple of my boys are Braves fans and they surely aren’t talking a lot about baseball nowadays. I suggest exploring Atlanta’s beer scene during the summer since it has some of the best beer bars in the world, including the Brick Store, The Porter, and the Argosy, which is starting to make a name for itself. This’ll help drown out their sorrows until they get that first pick next year. On the event side, we seem to have a beer festival every other weekend, plus walking the new Beltline is always fun with all the new businesses popping up around it. Krog Street Market is cool, Ponce City Market is the new thing, and Atlanta’s food scene is crazy! Hit up my blog to know what’s going down as well in ATL.

Thanks again to Ale for the insight on Hotlanta!

Standings & Probables

Nationals 42-25 .627
Mets 36-29 .554
Marlins 34-32 .515
Phillies 30-37 .448
Braves 20-46 .303

Friday, June 17 Matt Harvey (4-8 4.66 ERA) vs. John Gant (0-1 5.63 ERA)

Saturday, June 18 Steven Matz (7-3 2.71 ERA) vs. Aaron Blair (0-4 7.59 ERA)

Sunday, June 19 Jacob deGrom (3-3 2.82 ERA) vs. Julio Teheran (2-7 2.93 ERA)

Beer From the Bad Guys

SweetWater Brewing Co. – Hop Hash Double IPA

Hop Hash purports to be the “dankest double IPA out there.” While certainly a topic that deserves its own full post, I’ll nutshell right now by philosophizing; what exactly makes an IPA dank? It certainly seems like a nebulous designation.

Hop Hash pours a clear copper hue, with a head that sticks around well down the glass. Floral hops dominate the nose, and follow to the taste. Wheat malts manage to maintain smoothness in the face of increased hop utilization.

Of interest, HH is infused with pure hop lupulin. The thing is, lupulin doesn’t really have an effect on the bitterness of a beer (IBU) – it’s more of an aroma enhancer. That certainly makes sense for this beer, as the floral aroma is fairly prominent.

swhh.jpgScouting Report (20-80 scale)

See: 60

Smell: 60

Taste: 60

Feel: 65

Overall: 60

Hop Hash seems to advertise as an IN YOUR FACE DIPA, but actually ends up being a pleasantly balanced beer. Bitterness is present but by no means overwhelming, with a nice body and light resinous finish. At 7.8%, it certainly qualifies as a double IPA, but I don’t feel it particularly necessary to lay back into “slow sipper” mode. A tasty beer with the potential to get you into trouble with 2 or 3 on an empty stomach. LGM!


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