Beer-Flavored Kettle Chip Showdown!

Beer culture is everywhere. I am more than happy to enjoy the bounty of the current wave of popularity, and that’s no more evident than in not one, but two varieties of beer-flavored kettle-cooked potato chips. Clearly, this calls for a chip off!

Our two contestants are Sprecher Beer Flavored Kettle Chips and Kettle Brand Cheddar Beer Kettle Chips. Both brands approach the product from opposite wheelhouses. Sprecher has been making beer for 30 years. Kettle has been making chips for almost 35 years.


Adding another notch in my “weird Google searches” belt, I located helpful captions for which I should be judging my two competitors.

Sprecher – Light in color. Powdered with what I assume is a beer flavoring. Doesn’t really scream “beer” to me. Almost more of an aged Parmesan cheese character than beer. Good crisp, generally enjoyable mouthfeel (as much as your really ponder the mouthfeel of kettle-cooked potato chips).


Kettle Brand – Definitely cooked a little longer than Sprecher. Similarly powdered with cheddar beer flavoring. Even with the cheddar cheese, this evokes beer more than Sprecher, reminding me of the of a cheddar beer dip to which you’d add something like a Sam Adams Boston Lager. The flavor ends up on the saltier side, with both the cheese and beer represented. Not quite as crispy as Sprecher.


The final results!

Appearance: Kettle

Beer flavor: Kettle

Saltiness: Sprecher

Crunch: Sprecher

Overall: Kettle

It was a close one, but the beer flavor put Kettle over the top for the win. That being said, both are pretty tasty, so I wouldn’t hesitate to grab a bag of either if you happen to see one!


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