Series Preview: Pittsburgh Pirates II


Lagares has excelled in part time duty for 2016, hitting .455 off the bench.


Milwaukee malaise: After winning the first two games of the series, the Mets had to settle for a series split with lowly the Brewers. Poor pitching and defensive miscues did them in on Saturday and Sunday.

National emergency?: Winners of four straight, the Nationals find themselves a healthy 5 games up on our intrepid Mets. After a sweep of the steeply sliding Phillies, Scherzer struck out 11 for an impressive win over the Cubs last night.

Medic!: Although the pitching staff has managed to stay healthy all year, position players continue to have trouble staying on the field. Neil Walker experienced dizzyness after being struck in the chest with a hard grounder and sat out the Sunday finale. Even manager Terry Collins was hospitalized and missed Sunday’s game. Thankfully, he has been cleared and should be suited up for Tuesday.

Know Your Piero-gi

Our Q&A has fallen through again. What insight do we have to provide on the Pirates? Pierogi. Nothing but pierogi.




Thanks again to the Pittsburgh Pierogi for being anthropomorphic food.

Standings & Probables

Nationals 40-24 .625
Mets 34-28 .548
Marlins 32-31 .508
Phillies 30-34 .469
Braves 18-45 .286

Tuesday, June 14 Jacob deGrom (3-2 2.80 ERA) vs. Jameson Taillon (0-0 4.50 ERA)

Wednesday, June 15 Noah Syndergaard (6-2 2.00 ERA) vs. Jeff Locke (5-4 5.38 ERA)

Thursday, June 16 Bartolo Colon (5-3 3.08 ERA) vs. Gerrit Cole (5-4 2.77 ERA)

Beer From the Bad Guys

Yards Brewing Co. – General Washington’s Tavern Porter

I picked this up on a whim, and I stumbled into a fascinatingly delightful beer. The backstory for this beer is best told by the brewery itself:

Detailed in a letter from the General to his officers during the war, Washington’s recipe employed molasses to aid fermentation and give rich caramel notes to this robust, roasty ale. The recipe reflected his admiration for Philadelphia-style porters, especially those brewed by Robert Hare (whose original brewery stood just blocks from where ours is now).

Little did I know, our first president was a brewer. Molasses is the main wrinkle of this beer, and they weren’t kidding on kick-starting fermentation; the ABV comes in at a hearty 7%.

The big bodied, brooding porter is molasses-forward in the nose and the taste, but the molasses marries well with the dark roasted malt. It’s actually a pretty impressive beer. Despite the simplicity of featuring really only three components – molasses, roasted malt, and higher alcohol content – it actually ends up quite a complex drinking experience.


My camera betrayed me. A stock image will have to do.

Scouting Report (20-80 scale)

See: 60

Smell: 65

Taste: 65

Feel: 70

Overall: 65

Call me a romantic, but I really do feel like General Washington’s Tavern Porter transports you back to Revolutionary times. I envision Washington huddled around his generals, drinking some liquid courage, collectively warming their bellies during the frigid 1776 Winter campaign. Do yourself a favor and pick up this truly unique brew. LGM!


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