Series Preview: Washington Nationals II


It does not appear the Duda will be abiding any time soon.


Taking care of business: It wasn’t always pretty, but the Mets dispatched the Brewers in all 3 of their games over the weekend. Noah Syndergaard pitched a gem on Sunday, and tallied 10+ strikeouts for the third time this year.

Don’t walk this way: The Mets’ pitching staff has continued to be extremely stingy with issuing free passes. Sunday marked the 10th time the Mets didn’t issue a walk all game, leading the majors in that stat. In overall walks, they trail the Yankees by a single walk for best mark in baseball.

The Dude’s a-back: Lucas Duda is still on the shelf with an ailing back. Terry Collins recently admitted to be being “really concerned” about his status. I, personally, would prefer to see someone from the fringes of AAA like TJ Rivera get a shot in his stead, but it appears that Soup’s on, as Eric Campbell has seen a ton of time at first with both Duda and Wilmer Flores unavailable.

dcbeer.jpgKnow Your Foe Own

For this series’ Q&A, we got in touch with the fine folks at, fully expecting to hear them out on the virtues of the Nationals. Lo and behold, their senior staff writer, Jake, is a Mets fan! So to our pleasant surprise, we got to talk Mets and DC beer for a bit.

We’re Mets fans. We worry by definition. Is it officially time to start sound the worry alarms on Matt Harvey? Is it time to worry about David Wright’s .221 average and strikeouts near the league “lead” despite only playing 32 games?

Yes, it is officially time to worry about Harvey. Is it mechanical? Is he hurt? I was ready to put him on the 15-day DL in the middle of that disastrous inning against the Nats [last week]. At the least skip his next start, watch film from last year, do something, because it’s Panic City over here.

I’m less worried about Wright. Despite the Ks he seems to have a good eye and is getting on base at a decent clip. I’m cautiously optimistic the rest will fall into place, though based on his back he won’t be the player he once was.

It does seem like Panic City is picking up some warranted permanent residents from Harveytown. But enough doom and gloom. How much fun is it getting to watch Yoenis Cespedes do his thing for another year? Do you think he can carry the Mets to another division crown?

Yes, on to the good news. Cespedes! He’s an adventure in the field, but man, it’s so fun to watch him hit. Check his numbers in the NL since the trade last season. He’s for real and while he can’t carry the team he’s certainly their best hitter. I loved that signing and it looks like it’s paying off.

As a fellow DC resident, I’m more than happy to highlight the excellent beer options all across the city like 3 Star Brewing, DC Brau, and Right Proper Brewing. What’s your personal favorite?

This may be viewed as a political answer, but I don’t really play favorites with breweries. I do play favorites with beers, though. Right now I’m crushing 3 Stars Double IPA #ultrafresh, Right Proper’s unfiltered Being There, and the DC Brau-Port City dark lager collab, Zehn von Zehn.

Well if it is a political answer, you’re certainly in the right town for it.  Equally impressive, if not more so, is the stable of DC-adjacent breweries. I will admit I know far less about the breweries outside District lines. Where should DC residents be making weekend trips to quench their thirst?

For adjacent breweries, if I had to pick a favorite in the area, it’d be Port City. That porter, that Wit, and then a few odds and ends like Metro Red, a hoppy red ale, and Maniacal, a DIPA. Further afield, I like a lot of what’s coming out of Ocelot, over by Dulles, VA, and Siren’s Lure, an excellent hoppy saison from Lorton’s Fair Winds. MD’s in on the hoppy game, too, with RAR out on the Eastern Shore, and Evolution and DuClaw remain underrated. Nice to see Oliver Ale cans coming into the DC market, too.

What’s your usual plan of action for a Nats game? Do you get your drinking done ahead outside of the park on the (relative) cheap at Gordon Bierch or Bluejacket (or elsewhere), or do you chalk it up to the experience and drop a 10 spot in the stadium?

I enjoy a pregame beer or two at Bluejacket during the week. I’ve been drinking Forbidden Planet pretty much since they opened, and GB’s lager game is real strong, too. In the stadium I tend to support local and hit the District Drafts cart, though I’ll be drinking a $5 Bud at the second level’s “happy hour” before Monday’s game.

Thanks again to Jake for providing his insight and welcome Mets point of view!

Standings & Probables

Nationals 27-17 .614
Mets 28-18 .581
Phillies 25-19 .568
Marlins 22-21 .512
Braves 12-31 .279

Monday, May 23 Bartolo Colon (3-3 3.75 ERA) vs. Gio Gonzalez (3-1 1.86 ERA)

Tuesday, May 24 Matt Harvey (3-6 5.77 ERA) vs. Stephen Strasburg (7-0 2.80 ERA)

Wednesday, May 25 Steven Matz (6-1 2.81 ERA) vs. Tanner Roark (3-3 2.89 ERA)

Beer From the Bad Guys

Right Proper Brewing Co. – Baron Corvo Bière de Garde

Again, as a DC resident, this was an obvious opportunity for me to head to the source and visit a local brewery for a tasty pint.

I visited Right Proper right at 5PM open, enjoyed a few 4 oz samples, and settled on their Baron Corvo Bière de Garde for my full serving. There’s little not to like with any of their offerings (Haxan and White Bicycles were standouts for me), but I was certainly pleased with my choice.

Baron Corvo pours a rich dark ruby hue, and was served noticeably colder than the other tasters I had. The name of the game for this beer is definitely delicate nuance. One of the few 5+% ABV offerings from Right Proper, its 7% certainly fooled me, as everything was very fine and subtle. Lightly vinous, delicately malty body, with a interesting mix of delicate sweet flavors. Stone fruit (as mentioned in their description) on the back of the tongue, with a light molasses taste.

The finish is a slow flame out of oak from the foeder (huge oak fermenter) and wild yeast (adding just a touch of funk). My bartender also mentioned that they leave a bit of the previous batch behind in the foeder for use in the next batch, which enhances and deepens the flavors of the beer from batch to batch.

rpbcScouting Report (20-80 scale)

See: 70

Smell: 60

Taste: 65

Feel: 65

Overall: 65

All of the above combines for a very refined beverage. I feel like I should be wearing a smoking jacket in a dark mahogany-heavy room with other esteemed gentleman. A true experience. LGM!


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