Suds ‘N Scoops: Storm Drop


Victory Brewing Storm King is a tasty beer. Imperial stouts often overstep the bounds of what I consider to be a reasonably enjoyable beverage. The viscosity and color of motor oil is not particularly uncommon for the style. Booze can overwhelm any nuances of taste. Storm King does not suffer from these problems. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of alcohol in Storm King; it just doesn’t flood the palette. A sweet licorice taste is interwoven with bitter hops that cut the alcohol and mellow nicely through the sip.


Storm Drop, much like the other Victory ice creams has a very delicate touch of wort. If you work hard to discern it, you can taste a little twinge of dark malt. It seems as though the indirect result affects the flavor of the chocolate. Victory refers to the base only as chocolate, but I would have guessed they were aiming for a dark Belgian chocolate. The imperial stout wort obviously darkens up the chocolate flavor. The dark chocolate drops combine for a nice rich chocolate mousse effect.

Storm Drop does work pretty well with Storm King. Cocoa is no stranger to stouts, so it stands to reason that they play nicely.

As previously mentioned, Storm Drop features dark chocolate pieces. I don’t know about you, but I can’t manage to start a new bite until I finish chocolate chips entirely. As the drops melt in your mouth before the beer, they blend right into the body of the beer.

This is easily my favorite Victory ice cream and beer pairing of any of their combinations that I’ve tried. It all comes together effortlessly, and all it does it make me want to grab more of Storm Drop and Storm King. Well done, Victory.


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