The Complete Guide to Beer at Citi Field

citibeer1.jpgBeer has never been easier to find at Citi Field. Short of dessert stands and Mr. Met’s Kids Kitchen, it’s pretty much everywhere. However, if you know where to look (and depending on the access your seats allow), there are some hidden gems. The following is an account of all locations in Citi Field in which one can grab a brew.

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The Highlights


There are a few spots that stand above the rest for selection and quality.

Big Apple Brews

There are two Big Apple Brews stands, both with the same stable of offerings. You can find the first on the Field (100) level out past Centerfield, planted squarely in the middle of the pavilion along with Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, and El Verano Taqueria. The second is on the Promenade (400) level behind home plate. Solid local (Blue Point Toasted Lager and Summer Ale), national (Widmer Hefe, Redhook ESB) and international offerings (Franziskaner Hefe, Kirin Ichiban) are available in equal share.

Empire State Craft

Tucked in the back corner of the Promenade behind home plate is my personal favorite. Empire State Craft has a wide array of beers only brewed in New York. Several of the can and draft options can only be found here. I’m assuming the options will rotate fairly often, but to start the season, they had beers such as Upstate Brewing Common Sense Kentucky Common, Third Rail Field 2 Farmhouse, Cooperstown Nine Man Ale, and Bronx Rye Pale Ale. There’s another Empire State Craft on the Field Level behind section 133 that has the same can options, but no drafts.

Goose Island Craft Beer

As what almost seems like the model for macrobreweries purchasing craft breweries, AB InBev has ensured that Goose Island IPA can be found everywhere. It’s pretty easy to forget they actually have quite a wide array of beers. The stars of the show at this stand are the draft offerings: Summertime Kolsch, Honker’s Ale (an English bitter), Matilda (a Belgian pale ale), and Sofie (a Belgian Farmhouse ale). When the prices for the four draft options are the same as they are for any other same-size ‘souvenir’ size draft, I can’t imagine why anyone is grabbing a Bud Light from any of the countless draft stands.

Delta Sky360 Club

Obviously, this one is predicated on having a ticket that allows you access to the Sky360 club. Pro tip: Excelsior Gold seat holders have access to Delta Sky360 Club at a much lower price point than any other eligible sections. Aside from the fact that the club is among the nicest in the park, the draft options are a collection of the above highlights with a few exclusives. Local drafts like Sixpoint Sweet Action and Flagship Metropolitan are joined by Goose Island Sofie and Matilda. A couple beers you won’t find anywhere else in the park: Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA and (oddly) Amstel Light.


Goose Island Beer Co. Sofie

Goose Island Craft Beer, Sections 103, 408

As mentioned above, you can find Sofie for the same price as any other ‘souvenir’ size draft beer at Citi Field- not bad for the highest rating on BeerAdvocate in the park at a stellar 92. You’ll also struggle to find a beer within Citi that’s more complex. Belgian yeast and spicy saison characteristics combine for sour white grape, lemon peel, pepper, and even some wine notes.

Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse

Big Apple Brews, Sections 140, 415

One of the only foreign beers worth specifically seeking out, Hefe-Weisse is made by Franziskaner, a brewery that traces its roots all the way back to 1363. Usually, German brewers that have been around that long have pretty well perfected the bready banana and clove taste of the classic German Hefeweizen, and Hefe-Weisse is no exception.

Blue Point Brewing Co. Mosaic Session IPA

Big Apple Brews, Sections 140, 415

As ubiquitous as the IPA style has become in America, it’s surprisingly underrepresented at Citi. Other than Goose Island and Sam Adams Rebel, this is it. Mosaic is a straightforward, simple but effective brew. As a session ale at 4.8%, you won’t have to worry about pacing yourself as much as you might with a bigger, boozier IPA.

Upstate Brewing Co. Common Sense

Empire State Craft, Sections 133, 414

Of the six beers I had during my three game trip, this was easily my favorite. Common Sense is a Kentucky Common ale, a style that came to prominence during Prohibition, and was all but forgotten before Upstate unearthed it. The creamy, mellow, malty body is perfect for a lazy, sunny matinee.

Full Beer List

Below is every beer you can find at Citi Field (as of my last visit in mid-April). Check out a fancier, filterable, sortable version here.

Full Location List

Here’s another chart that’s easier to check what’s in your area of the park. Again, check out a fancier, filterable, sortable version here.

All Locations

Feel free to click on any image for a larger version.

Fuku 102, Catch of the Day 103, Goose Island Craft Beer 104, Bud Light 105

Craft Beer 105, World’s Fare Market 105, Grilled Sausage 105, Pig Guy NYC 105, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 105

Beer & Wine 111, Pat LaFrieda’s Burgers & Fries 112, Kosher Grill 114, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 114

Bottled Beer 116, Bottled Beer 119, Grilled Sausage 120, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 121, Pat LaFrieda’s Burgers & Fries 123

Beer & Wine 124, Pressed 125, The Kernel 125, Bottled Beer 127, Goya Nachos 129

Specialty Cocktails & Beer 130, Kosher Grill 130, Bottled Beer 131, Keith’s Grill 132, Empire State Craft 133

Hot Pastrami on Rye 135, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and Chicken 137, Cantina Frozen Cocktails 139, El Verano Taqueria 139, Pat LaFrieda’s Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich 139

Shake Shack 139, Big Apple Brews 140, Blue Smoke 140, Box Frites 140, Grilled Sausage 140

Papa Rosso 141, Bottle Beer 301, Coca Cola Corner Grill 303, Grilled Sausage 308

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 311, Hornitos Bar 312, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 312, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 326, Tito’s Bar 327

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 328, Craft Beer 329, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 337, Pat LaFrieda’s Burgers & Fries 337, Bottled Beer 339

Bottled Beer 402, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 402, Grilled Sausage 404, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 404, Bottled Beer 405

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 407, Goose Island Craft Beer 408, Kosher Grill 408, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 408, Pat LaFrieda’s Burgers & Fries 409

Grilled Sausage 411, Two Boots 412, Empire State Craft 414, The Kernel 414, Big Apple Brews 415

Pat LaFrieda’s Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich 415, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 416, Bottled Beer 418, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 421, Nachos Grande 421

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 422, Bottled Beer 425, Grilled Sausage 427, Pat LaFrieda’s Burgers & Fries 428, Beer & Wine 429

Bottled Beer 431, Grilled Sausage 432, Bottled Beer 433, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs 433, Cold Beer 436

Pat LaFrieda’s Burgers & Fries 437, Bottled Beer 437, Acela Club (300-level), Delta Sky360 Club (200-level), Delta Sky360 Club (200-level)

Foxwoods Club (300-level), Foxwoods Club (300-level), Hyundai Club (100-level), Hyundai Club (100-level)


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