’00s Mets: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Pt. I

As I’ve been writing for Brew and Orange, I’ve been finding myself making more and more connections between our beloved Mets and beer. During a recent trip to my favorite local supplier of beer, as I surveyed my options, three bottles reminded me of some Mets memories from the roller coaster of a decade, 2000-2009.…

ReGrained: Eat Beer

After a successful $30,000 crowdfunding campaign, San Francisco startup, ReGrained, was recently able to realize a vision of transforming spent grain from a brewery waste product to the main ingredient for a pair of hearty granola bars.

Hometown Brewery: Dwight Gooden

Dwight “Doc” Gooden was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. His Tampa, FL team made it to the Senior League Baseball World Series (little league for 13-16 year olds) in 1979. While playing for Hillsborough High School, he threw so hard that he broke a catcher’s hand and another catcher’s wrist.

The Millennial Effect

Hank Green just released a fantastic video called “Why the Word “Millennial” Makes me Cringe.” It’s a great look into how the term was assigned by baby boomers and subsequently co-opted by op-ed writers essentially complaining about “kids these days.” The term has quickly become an easy trigger word for disparaging an entire generation of…

Beer Review: Forgotten Boardwalk 1916 Shore Shiver

In 1995, the Mets’ vaunted “Generation K” got tons of press, as Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson, and Bill Pulsipher looked to be the young pitching stars of the future. To be honest, at that time in my youth, I didn’t pay all that much attention to it. Instead, another rookie caught my eye the following…